Job Callers is a Job Portal where all the Latest Jobs in all fields are Presented in a detailed manner.It encapsulates the regions of Job Openings at UPSC,State Govt, Central Govt,Banks etc.A part from this Study material was also posted here where you can get enormous amount of data which will be helpful to you while preparing for a job.

Recently,One more idea has raised and we thought that it has to be incorporated into Jobcallers.com and i.e. Daily Updates related to Current Affairs which consists of the details of happenings in daily life of the current day.

JobCallers was started by two Asst. Professors who started their career in one of the reputed colleges in Hyderabad.Among them One was a Blogger and Youtuber at Mecharriors-A Mechanical Engineering Trending Blog and the Other was a Blogger at Jobcallers.

We,both are doing our blogging activity daily at both the blogs and Update them with the recent activities,Jobs or with other related Information.

The two Bloggers working on this Blog are 

1.Nalla Santosh Kumar (Author)

2.Mohammed Shafi (Admin)

Click on the above links to get their Detailed Information.

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