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Daily Updates 2nd December 2017

Daily Updates 2nd December 2017:

Daily Updates 02/12/2017
Daily Updates 02/12/2017

1.Sushma Swaraj is attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj attended a Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Sochi, Russia. In June 2017, India and Pakistan became full members of Shanghai Cooperative.This meeting was the first major meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Conference, the first to expand India and Pakistan to become the full member of the June Astana Summit in Kazakhstan.

2.Infosys appointed Salil S. Parekh as MD and CEO

Infosys Announces appointment as Parekh’s new CEO and Managing Director. Sealil was first in Cape Gemini.The former CEO of Vishal Coin  had resigned in August 2017, the Bangalore-based company was looking for a new CEO. Cofounder Nandan Nilekani joined the company as a non-executive chairman for stable work.

3.Miss Korea Jenny Kim Crown Miss Superintendent 2017

The 24-year-old model and Miss Korea Jenny Kim Gala won the Miss Supernatural 2017 event at the event, which was held at Poland’s Spa Resort of Krynica- Zdroj.Miss Colombia Tika Martinez and Romania’s Bianca Tircin participated in the first runners up and second runner-up competition.In the official entry of India to the competition, Peden Ongmu Namgyal, reached the top 25.

4.India was re-elected to the International Maritime Organization Council

i. India is re-elected to the International Maritime Organization, representing countries that have the largest interests in the trade of international trade.The company was re-elected to the country under its Group B in its headquarters in the company’s assembly. The UK High Commissioner to the UK Y K Sinha represented India in the Assembly, where Germany’s 146 and the second highest number of votes (144) from India were made before India’s 143.

5.Word of the Year of Cambridge dictionary, ‘populism’

The word “populism” was declared as the 2017 Cambridge Dictionary of the Year of the Year. Define the term “public ideas and activities aimed at giving the public the support of the general public.”Searches for ‘populism’ have increased when Pope Francis warns of its growing waves.

6.Raj Shah is the first Indian-American to be praised by Press Gaggle

Raj Shah, who has a key position in the White House, worked with reporters at the United States President Chapar Air Force One, becoming the first Indian American to enjoy the right.Mr. Shah did so at the age of thirty-three in the Principal Deputy Press Secretary.

7.Surya Prakash Re-Appointed Prasar Bharati Chief

Renowned journalist A Surya Prakash was appointed chairman of the Board of Broadcast Bharti for the second time from February 8, 2020.Vice president The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an order as the committee headed by Venkaiah Naidu has recommended this post.

8.India Wins 9 Medals in Asian Archery Championships

India’s archers made a spectacular performance in the Asian Championships in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Three gold, four silver and two bronze medals.Two Indian boys and girls have been booked for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

9.Shiva Keshavan Wins Gold in Asian Luge Championships

The only Indian player and Defending Asian winner Shiva Keshavan retained the title with 55.60 seconds.India’s leading winter Olympian Shiva Keshavan won the gold medal at the Asian Loose Championships in Altenberg, Germany.


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